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How Energy Affects  Your Health


Energy Balancing Sessions
Facilitating Your Natural Ability to Heal Yourself
 and Environmental Clearing Solutions

  Body Scan & Balance - $125./60 min.
Your energy field is scanned in real-time using SRC4U, while your subconscious directs the system to clear underlying old spiritual belief constructs that created and hold imbalanced patterns in place. The system connects with your Innate self, sending vibration signals to clear non-beneficial energies, correct imbalances, and assist healing on every level-- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Energy work is cumulative, enabling your body, mind, & spirit to correct itself and improve your immunity response for self-healing.

You have a spiritual light body called Innate.
By giving me your verbal permission
to work on you,
you give me the ability to communicate directly with your Innate to heal.

 Aura Tune-Up: Confirm Your Ability To Clear Yourself - $120./60 min.

This powerful session improves health, well being, and self-esteem.

EMPOWER YOUR SELF as your Auric Field becomes glowing and radiant.
We start your session by measuring your energy in 40 different places, including your etheric body, astral body, & chakras. An aura image detailing balanced and unbalanced areas is then created. You will use this information to decide what you want to clear, enhance and/or transform. Your Aura Image will be your map, and with Lorna's guidance, YOU will clear disruptive energy, rebalance energy, harmonize energy, and raise your vibration levels. Learn what works for you and what techniques don’t.
Additional Prints: Aura or Brain Map $20./ea.   Additional time: $25./15 min.

Illness is the result of an energetic disturbance in the body and an imbalance in the vital force.

Clearing and balancing your bodies energies promotes health and strengthens the immune system, enabling the physical body to heal itself. 

Innate is the part of you that makes instantaneous healing possible.

  Enhance your life -  Raise Your Vibration (Frequency) - $120./60 min.
You can overcome obstacles in life by raising your energy to healthier, higher levels. This is done through focused intent, thinking positive thoughts, coaching, and energy informatics. To get results you must be open to spirit, to your unlimited potential, creative expression, and abundance; and you must be willing to release negative & limiting beliefs. Remember, it's hard to move energy when you are stuck in your head and not connected to your heart center. By consciously working with energy and information fields, I'll facilitate the clearing of blockages, and help you get clear and visualize what you want. Anything is possible! Let go of expectations and watch your world expand!

Every cell is conscious and consciousness, not matter, is the primary substance of reality.

The positive results people experience with energy work support this scientific basis.


  House Clearing - $125./60 min   1 hr. minimum

Have you ever walked into a place and felt uncomfortable? That's what it feels like when you sense energy you don't resonate with. You could be sensing entities, trauma, energy from a fight, ghost, geopathic stress, X-energy, electromagnetic pollution from cell towers, smart meters, electric appliances, etc. By clearing and transmuting the non-beneficial energy and replacing it with life enhancing energy, the air becomes lighter and welcoming, and most people feel better -safe & secure.

Sessions by Appointment.
Lorna Reichel, MFA, BS,
Clifton Park, NY 
Email or call (518) 383-9066

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