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Radiesthesia is the science and practice of using the human energy field to
access information about anything by simply establishing resonance with the subject's energy field, using calibrated instruments and a scale of qualitative measurement to decode this information. In the practice of Radiesthesia we are not bound by time and space. Working on a vibrational or energetic level, we bypass limitations of our physical senses. Everything in the universe is in constant motion, a form of energy, vibrationally interacting on many levels.

Radiesthesia differs from mental dowsing because with Radiesthesia the pendulum is calibrated to look for something. For example the dowser may dowse for color frequencies, higher harmonics of gold or negative green, and other vibrations.

Radiesthesia was developed by the French Radiesthesists in the 1930's. They based their work on the meticulous study of Egyptian temple sciences. This knowledge can be applied in your every day life as part of a well rounded wellness program.

The Stereo Workshop


We are at a crossing where science, conventional medicine, metaphysics, consciousness and the art of vibrational healing meet.


Higher consciousness begins with awareness.


Use conscious intention and work with your energy and the energies around you. You have more control over your life than you realize! 


Learn More about Health, Healing and Vibration

Everything is Energy. Matter is a dense form of it, vibrating within the visual spectrum of light.


Energy is multi-dimensional. In its physical form, it can be seen & touched. Its spiritual form, seems invisible, but is measurable and detectable through photography, dowsing, intuition, and the third eye.


Energy can't be created or destroyed, but the quality of it and its information can be changed -- cleared, enhanced & balanced using conscious intention -- thought, sound, color, shape, prayer, movement, form - sacred geometry, crystals, smell, essential oils...


You are energy.

You are a multi-dimensional being.  Be aware of this and develop the skills to create & control your reality.

How Energy Affects Your Health

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