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How Energy Affects  Your Health


EMF Protection Devices
Neutralize Toxic Energy At Its Source 
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Cell Phone Tabs

Household Cordless & Wired Phones

Most phones produce harmful electromagnetic radiation. To neutralize the negative effect on the body mind, ALL phones & pagers should have a protective device! Easily attaches in seconds. Will not effect reception. A handcrafted ceramic Tab that neutralizes harmful radiation from any type phone and/or Bluetooth headset, and transforms the hazardous electromagnetic frequencies into beneficial frequencies. Size: 0.5 inches across. MORE INFO
Price: $ 100.00/pack of 5 

Computer, TV, Appliance Protection
Clear Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation From Anything Electric
That Plugs Into wall or Runs on Battery

Biomagnetic Research 3-Hole Resonator
Uses Crystal Catalyst® Technology, a new advanced ceramic material, to transform hazardous radiation into beneficial frequencies. Cleans harmful frequencies, rendering them harmonious and strengthening to the body. Ideal for microwave ovens, refrigerators, air purifiers,  laptops, notebook computers, computers w/o a wireless router, office equipment, fluorescent lights, power strips, hot water heaters, etc. Use where focused energy is needed. Size: 1 inch across. MORE INFO.  Price: $20.00/ea 


Star 3-Hole Resonator
For WIFI Devices, Wireless Routers

Uses a new advanced ceramic material, to transform hazardous radiation into beneficial frequencies. Cleans harmful frequencies, rendering them harmonious and strengthening to the body.  Price: $20.00/ea


NOTE: Place devices close to the EMF/detrimental energy source. They are not designed to be worn on the body to balance human energy. Rather, they protect your etheric energy field from the potential effects of unhealthy energies, by clearing, transforming or/and balancing the energy being emitted from an object; or clearing, transforming and balancing the energy in an environment where a protective device has been placed.

Protection from Power Lines
Wall Fuse Boxes & Electrical Boxes

Tri-Pac RESONATOR - Neutralizes incoming wired electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from Power Lines, Transformers, Substations, Electrical Boxes, Fuse Boxes, and Vehicles. When placed on the electrical system of a home or office, one Tri-pac generally will clear most of the emanations from electrical outlets in an average building or home.  MORE INFO  Price: $55

Star Tri-Pac RESONATOR - Performs like and is the same size as the Tri-Pak (above), but neutralizes incoming WIRELESS EMF's. An effective solution for apartment dwellers who have neighbors with WIFI systems.  Price: $55


Protection for Travelers
Car & Airplane Radiation


Tri-Pac RESONATOR - Place in glove compartment of Vehicle to neutralize electromagnetic radiation (EMR) generated from the engine, and help clear tired feelings when driving long distances. Tri-pac can also be placed in carry on luggage when flying, to neutralize airplane radiation and help clear the tired feeling of jet lag. MORE INFO  Price: $55

Sacred Space Generator (SSG)
Clears Negativity, Energy Imbalances & Entities from Your Home
Gets Rid of Parasitic Entities in Your Auric Field

Keeps your home safe by changing negative energy into positive energy and correcting imbalances caused by noxious earth energies, unpleasant people, chemtrails, etc. It is always generating healthy energy and will heal and strengthen all natural and man-made vortices. Each SSG is one-of-a-kind, unique and carefully custom handcrafted for the user by Jack Stucki. How The SSG Works      More Info on SSG.  Please note: This is a special order item and is not returnable. Price: $375.00  (small)    $500.00 (large)


Light Stand: The optional stand brings added dimensions of light and movement to your SSG. It is a visual enhancement and a non factor in the energy output of the device. The Stand is battery operated or can be plugged into an electrical outlet.
Price:  $25.00 with SSG purchase

BioGenesis Pyramid
Creates & Restores Harmony
Clears Negativity from Your Environment

The Pyramid is placed at the highest point in the room (on top of a bookcase or mantle), anywhere you would like greater harmony. Once a stable foundation of harmony has been created, the Pyramid removes negativity that has been stored in the environment. These negativities do not leave as negative thought forms--a great transformation occurs; Light is restored.  Place the pyramid in the house; this will generate an environment supportive to growth and transformation. Made of a high quality glass. Price:  $235.00 $200.00


EMF Detection

Detect Unhealthy Electromagnetic Energy MORE INFO

RF Field Strength Meter
easure Cell Tower Radiation and more

Find out how much radio/microwave energy you’re being exposed to. This meter measures electro-magnetic from microwave signal transmission towers, satellite television signals, and radio signals.

Unlike other low-cost field strength meters, this meter’s frequency response does not depend on the characteristics of an external antenna… the internal detection system yields a flat response over a wide range of frequencies. With sensitivity down to 1 nanowatt per cm2, it can measure power density from a typical cell phone tower up to 10 miles away. It is sensitive to all but the highest frequency radar. Instructions include how to estimate average frequency and how to determine the direction of the source of the waves. Advanced digital display. Operates on 9-volt battery. A great product for those concerned about RF “pollution.”  
MORE INFO    Price: $324.95

Trifield Natural EM Meter
For Paranormal & Parapsychological Field Work (Detecting Ghosts)

Highly sensitive and considered by many professional ghost hunters, as the best ghost meter you can buy under $2,000.00. A squelchable audio tone alerts the user to activity in the vicinity of the meter. It detects changes in extremely weak static (DC or natural) electric and magnetic fields, and signals with both a tone and the movement of a needle-type gauge if either the electric or magnetic field changes from previous levels. Meter has a radio and microwave detector which reads radio power directly if any transmitters are nearby. Because man-made AC electric and magnetic fields are very common and could interfere with readings of static fields, the meter is designed to virtually ignore AC fields of power lines, appliances, etc. The meter can be placed indoors, as normal construction materials do not block magnetic fields. It can be used in the dark and will sound the tone at whatever level of field the user sets. Operates on 9 volt battery (included).1 year warranty.  MORE INFO
Instructions included. Calibrated to 50Hz. 
Price: $229.95

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