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About Mei Kei Wave Science

Mei Kei Wave Science is the study of particular waves that correct or modulate through the resonance waves between two substances. This resonance creates a third greater or lesser pulse wave that entrains one or both substances. The name Mei Kei comes from the German word root "Mei" to fix and "Kei" to set in motion or bring to order.

Vibrational Medicine Research

The Mei Kei elixir formula modulates the physical body with the etheric body. The protocols for the Elixir:

   The modulating substance had to be effective without having to be taken into the body

   There had to be measurable changes that were consistent

  The substance had to perpetuate over time raising the ethic field of the body

   The substance had to work independent of the researcher (be effective whether the researcher was there or not)

The result was an actual physical vibration felt from the elixir, which was noticed by people who normally didn’t feel anything. Energy workers and those who practice meditation regularly noted that they felt a sense of expansion and balance in their bodies. There were also incidents of actual physical changes, in regards to illnesses and bodily functions. The etheric body is the energetic map of the physical body. Both bodies seek balance and symmetry… what appears in one will appear in the other.

As human beings are mostly water, water was chosen as the matrix for the elixir formula.

   Celtic sea salt was used for its negative green properties (spiritual carrier wave). The salinity of the body is the same as the salinity of the ocean.

   There are 6 gem elixirs that support the process of expansion and modulation. dowsing was used to work out the individual gems and their over all effect with each other.

   In Biogeometry the wave forms of the higher harmonic of gold, the higher harmonic of ultraviolet, and beneficial wave form of negative green have shown to be present where life forms flourish. The elixir follows this protocol and dowses these three waveforms.


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