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How Energy Affects  Your Health




Learn More About Health, Healing & Vibrations ...

Expand Your Awareness, Empower Yourself

Scientific research proves that thoughts & emotions affect all cells in the body and our health. Using this invisible communication system we can change body chemistry, transform energy, & influence matter. The links below offer different perspectives. View with an open mind and disregard anything that does not ring true to you. This will give you a starting point to gain a deeper understanding, reach your own conclusions, and create your own health, healing and well being. 

Directory: Holistic Resources

The Human Energy Field or Aura

Subtle Energy and Our Health - What is the etheric body and how does it affect our health?  How does obstructed energy affect our health?  How does subtle energy create ideal health?  How does the physical body assimilate subtle energy?  Is subtle energy more effective than a chemical substance?

Immune System:  Basics of the Immune System by Leonid G. Ber, MD
Self-healing and Transformation by Tom Kenyon

Subtle Things:  Changes you can make to change your life - Tips and insights on how to transform your reality and create the life you want, by Gabriel. He tells his story, shares his experience of how he regained his health after being told "you have a terminal disease".

There is a link between stress, illness & healing. By transforming stress, an energy disturbance or imbalance, into organized, coherent fields of energy & information, the body can return to its natural healthy state.

Loss & Transition: Seeking Out Light was a gathering place for souls seeking recovery in grief, death of a loved one, broken relationships, divorce, pet loss, disasters, etc.

Psycho-Navigation: Theory, Clinical Observations and Insight by Tom Kenyon 
Earth Changes: Message from the Hathors and Tom Kenyon

Electromagnetic Fields:  Health Hazards      EMF Exposure From Cell Phones

Energy Practices: Increase Well Being & Your sensitivity to energy: (Your ability to feel energy becomes stronger the more you practice)

                    Energy, Light, Healing, Reiki -
                    Zhong Yuan Qigong (ZY Qigong) -
                    The Holon of Ascension - Hathor Planetary Message through
                    Tom Kenyon and exercises you can do to increase your light

Health Care System:
"Failure of Conventional Medicine" -
(click on the 1st video) Intensive investigation, scientific research and design work by The Healing Universe.

Science:  What is electromagnetic energy?   What are vibrational frequencies?

              How do resonance harmonics affect the body?

            Mei Kei Wave Science   Radiesthesia
              "Scalar-Energy and Scalar-Waves in Healing" (click on the 3rd video)

Sound Healing:  Lorna's Notes from Sound Healing Workshop

Sound Meditation through Tom Kenyon  (from the Hathors)

Spirit Faces:  The Truth About The Afterlife by Mark Macy - Mark receives clear spirit faces on Polaroid film with the help of a subtle energy device called a luminator. In addition to his book, Mark also offers this as a service.

Crystals:  How Herkimer Diamonds Are Mined

Zapper - an experimental device based on the published research by Dr. Hulda Clark, PhD, ND.

If you have information you'd like us to add to this page and share with our readers, please email us. Thanks.

Keys To Healing
- ALL Dis-ease Is Curable -
Anything is possible... you are limited only by your mind
Keys: Believe it in your mind... Feel it in your heart... KNOW truth in your soul.


You are a Divine being... a multi-dimensional energetic intelligence ...

you are never alone.... you are connected to all that is.
Feel your power and use it to create what you want
Start with a thought... use your mind, your imagination

Focus your Attention... with Intention... relax... feel love & joy in your heart

Feel these emotions KNOWING you have already received what you desire.

As a child of the Universal Mind, the Great Spirit, of God...

You are born with free will... with individual expression...
YOU create your personal reality... your desires... your healing and your health

You are a creator, a co-creator ... Use your response-ability

The answer lies within ...Follow your heart ... your passions

Change your thoughts & you can change your life..

physical matter, your body chemistry, & what is...

Thought  + Emotion =  Health

in other words...

Information + Energy creates Health


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