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Aura Imaging

Subject: "Octahedral Oscillator" a Healing Energy Generator
Aura Imaging by Lorna Reichel

Client Objectives: Client requested Aura Imaging to obtain objective information about the bioenergies imprinted on and subtle energies emanating from an Octahedral Oscillator, a Healing Energy Generator constructed by Joe Gleason, Ecos Geomantic Design & Construction.

 Bioenergy Field Analysis

Technology Used:  Electromagnetic feedback, an external type of magnetic resonance imaging. This non-invasive technology does not create distortion or contaminate the Energy Field. It measures the identity of the detected energy according to its characteristic frequency, and makes this frequency available as data in standard international scientific units. This imaging system accurately identifies and interprets 15 colors of bioenergy, representing all 15 distinguishable colors of the optical spectrum, giving it the maximum possible usefulness for detailed and accurate images and interpretations.

On August 7, 2007, the Aura Imaging Specialist carefully measured the bioenergies of the Octahedral Oscillator, a Healing Energy Generator. She identified the type and function of all predominate bioenergies which were present. The Aura Imaging Specialist found that the energies surrounding the device were all positive, coherent fields represented by the yellow and gold colors. She found that the top of the device was emitting an abundance of healing energy, represented by the gold color. The Octahedral Oscillator Healing Energy Generator was photographed and the energies mapped out.  The resulting auric colors and objective interpretations are listed below:   

Yellow - An energizing, uplifting energy that promotes well-being and harmony. This energy was radiating from the nickel ground rod at the bottom of the Octahedron. It was also found at the top and on the sides about two feet away from the Oscillator, just outside the gold energy.

Gold - The device was generating an abundance of healing energy, which was being emitted from the coil sticking out of the top of the Octahedron. This excess of healing energy projects outward to contribute healthy and healing energy to the environment, people, plants and animals.


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