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How Energy Affects  Your Health


Holistic Health Options: What Works & How To Do It

•  Are you discouraged with the health care system?

•  Are you getting the results you want from your doctors?

•  Would You like to learn cutting edge ways of self-healing?

•  Do you want a local, reliable source for holistic health information, healing
    techniques, and natural remedies?

•  Are you ready to take responsibility for your health?

If you don't believe everything you hear in the media, are open-minded to possible options, and what works and how to do it, then these programs are for you!.


It's All In The Mind presents Holistic Health programs that explore consciousness,
positive thinking & intention, cutting edge new sciences, personal transformation & self-healing, and physical issues and their underlying emotional, mental, and spiritual components.

      • Learn from great videos, DVDs, and richly engaging dialogue with health educator, Loren Lillis and the It's All In The Mind health coaches.

      • Discover surprising possibilities that can change your life!
      • Advance your awareness, increase your knowledge of techniques, technologies and options for self-healing, and change your perceptions to realize better health. 

      • Connect with holistic health coaches, practitioners, new friends and fellow explorers on the journey to better health, through It's All In The Mind  community supported health events.

Join us! Explore who you are and what you can achieve!

What:     It's All In The Mind Learning Group

When:    Monday Mornings, March 16, 23, 30,  2015 
              9:30am to 5:00pm

Program:  Jeffrey Mishlove Thinking Allowed series DVD and John Veltheim's Body Talk.

Where:   Call 518-383-9066

Cost:   Free. A donation is always appreciated.

About It's All In The MindWe are a community of holistic educators who help others to help themselves. Our education is based primarily on using natural preparations, physical movements, and regulation of subtle energetic fields. We believe all healing comes through the Universal Consciousness. We believe that an individual is helped by the godhead in proportion to the extent that they help themselves. We are committed to exploring your alternatives to obtaining a healthy lifestyle. We are required by law to remind you that few of us are doctors and we DO NOT diagnose or prescribe medications. Loren Lillis, Director of Education for It's All In The Mind and the Sherlock Holmes of unknown causes of dis-ease, is known in the Capital Region for his extensive & working knowledge of the latest developments in holistic/alternative health care.  Join him as he shares his expertise for improving ones health. More about It's All In The Mind, Holistic Health Coaches

For more information: Call (518) 383-9066

It's All In The Mind... A learning group focused on health and holistic healing ...


Upcoming Programs & Topics  

•  Food Sensitivity Elimination - Learn how to identify and desensitize yourself to food allergies. Find out: which foods weaken you and strengthen you. We'll do our best to answer your questions, tell you about resources, and teach you methods for obtaining answers to your questions yourself. Participate in interesting discussions, as a supportive team of health coaches help you realize your highest potential.

•  Better Health with Natural Methods
•  Boosting Your Immune System through Allergy Elimination
•  Biofeedback: Medical Waves of the Future
•  Secrets of Disease & New Science of Healing
•  Meta-Medicine: How Disease Really Works
•  Meta-Medicine: Why Cancers Develop and Allergies Start
•  Emotion Code: finding & releasing trapped emotions (A cause of physical pain
    and malfunction, self-sabotage, depression and anxiety.
•  Biology of Belief - Explore consciousness, thought forms & perception.
    Learn how cells talk to each other, how your mind creates immunity. . .
•  Ask & Receive: Reconnecting with Your Higher Self
•  Water As Medicine: The Healing Springs of Saratoga
•  How to Find Out Which Foods Are Good For You
•  Your Energy System and Its Affects on Your Health
•  Balancing Your Aura and Chakras

•  Healing with Crystals

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You are more than your physical body. Your consciousness --subconscious mind, emotions, thoughts, and other inter-dimensional aspects of yourself that you are unaware of, play a huge roll in your health. Using your mind and heart you have the power to change your life.

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!"

                                                                  -- Wayne Dyer   

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