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How Energy Affects  Your Health


It's Energy Tune-Up Time!
Maximize Your Potential!

Restore Balance In Any area of Your Life!

You are born with an amazing network of energy centers and channels. As life force energy flows through these, it keeps you in balance, healthy, and alive! When resistances and blockages to the flow occur, you get health problems & other issues. An Energy Tune-Up peels away layers of resistance accelerating healing on all levels. Using scalar technology, signals deliver frequency information directly to the body to correct imbalances, harmonize stress, and stimulate energy flow in acupuncture points, meridians, chakras, & organs. Restore balance in any area of your life. Sessions can be done long distance so no office visit is required. To schedule a session call (518) 383-9066.


Energy Tune-up Benefits

1. Achieve Better Health.
Corrects energy stagnation & deficiencies: blocked chakras, meridians, and acupuncture points; spiritual issues that need clearing.


2. Reduce Stress & Anxiety.
Energetic blockages can show up anywhere, contributing to pain or depression. Clearing these can help you relax, relieve tension, and sleep better.

3. Break Old Habits.
By facilitating your ability to release stuck emotions and thought patterns at the deepest levels, blockages preventing you from realizing your highest potential can be dissolved. Specific issues & general areas of concern can be addressed. Improvement is exponential and cumulative with more energy and strength building over time.
4. Accelerate Healing.
Activate your body's natural ability to heal itself and strengthen the endocrine & immune systems. Have a session to help heal symptoms, injuries, & serious issues. 

5. Strengthen Your Body.
muscle tone, augment your exercise program, and enhance your Qigong, Reiki, Tai Chi, and Yoga practice.

6. Clear Mental Limitations.

Clearing limiting beliefs that no longer serve you helps you to overcome all types of issues--even those that hinder your spiritual evolution. Release unconscious underlying spiritual belief constructs that hold imbalanced patterns in place. 

7. Increase Energy, Vitality, and Mental Clarity.
Build up immunity against disease, improve mental clarity, and give your body fuel for regeneration & self-healing.

8. Improve Relationships.

Let go of the past and clear non-beneficial energetic patterns including those from past lives. Ideal for challenging singles, couples, family and work issues.


Energy Tune-Ups with SRC4U
A favorite consciousness interactive healing tool is the SRC4U. It corrects imbalances energetically.  It was created by Qi Gong Grandmaster David Harris, and a team of computer experts-- Ray Foley, Kathy Blair, and Ralf Miethe. The system enables us to tap the Grandmaster's 30+ years experience, skill level, and service to humanity in healing and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Like most energy work, sessions can be done long distance so no office visit is required.

How SRC4U Energy Tune-Ups Work
It works with your desire for help and improvement in any area of life and health that is wanted. The energy responds to the vibration of the intention and is enhanced by positive energy signals. These signals are sent to interact with the signals emitted by your body with the intention of balancing those signals. As the system scans your energy fields, your subconscious directs the system to clear underlying spiritual belief constructs that hold imbalanced patterns in place.
Specific or general issues can be addressed. Improvement is exponential and cumulative with more energy and strength building over time.

Using scalar technology, signals deliver frequency information directly to the body to correct imbalances, harmonize stress, and stimulate energy flow in acupuncture points, meridians, chakras, & organs.

Benefits of Energy Tune-Ups with SRC4U

Our DNA is being reprogrammed for heightened perception.  Everything is changing.
Flow with the process of becoming.


Get out of the box, get clear, and maximize your potential.


Let go of any stuff that doesn't support the unique being you came here to be.


















Energy Tune-Up Rates  (Office Visit or Phone)

Individual Sessions:  Energetic signals are broadcast for varying amounts of time depending on your needs. Broadcasting may not end at the end of your visit or phone session, but will continue as long as needed. You do not have to be present. It works remotely. 
Full program: $125/1 hr (1st session).  $110/follow-ups.   (runs hours to days)
Mini Program: $60/30
min. consult   $30.00/15 min. (runs minutes to hours)

Monthly Group Sessions:
One General Energy Balancing Group Session a week to expand and enhance your body's personal energy system. Each session will cover one type of signals and rotate throughout the month. Each session will run about one hour.
Cost: $20./per person per session x 4 = $80.00/month
Add spouse, child or pet for $40.00/each, per month
Add Sick, Hurt, fighting with a loved one $40.00/1x
Weight Loss  $25.00/1x
Fitness Session  $25.00/1x

To schedule a session or questions, please call (518) 383-9066.


DISCLAIMER: By Law, I am required to let you know that I do not diagnose, heal, cure, prevent or treat disease. I recommend people continue to see their medical professional and follow their advice. While there is extensive anecdotal data about individuals who have experienced significant improvements in health while having energy work, an energy tune-up and/or SRC4U sessions, there are no claims or warranties that energy work, an energy tune-up and/or SRC4U session has any medicinal uses or effects.

What Clients Are Saying After their SRC4U Session...


"I have had less pain in the back the last couple of days."

"Pain was a  LOT LESS this a.m."

"Lower back is feeling better."

"My hip -- most of the pain is gone. I still have some."


"I was surprised! There was actually a noticeable difference. My relationships  improved. Thank you."


Most of the people that are sensitive to subtle energy have told me that they can feel energy moving when the SRC4U is running.


"OMG! My eye is sooo much better!! Thank you."


"It definitely helped improve my sensitivity and the effectiveness of my energy work."


Program run on Client's son with terrible cold, "He was definitely better the next day".


"I can feel a subtle shift when the program stops running and feel a change when it stops processing. It seemed to help me feel more emotionally up while it was running and processing, while helping me physically in a more subtle way, and helping me as an energy healer in a palpable way...and therefore helping everyone I work on."



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