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Seeking Out Light
A Gathering Place & Publication for Souls in Loss & Transition

Upon receiving a copy of the quarterly publication, "Seeking Out Light" (SOL) I was deeply moved by the uplifting and inspirational interviews, stories, quotes, concept, and beautiful artwork. SOL was an online community for people dealing with life transitions concerning loss and grief. People could safely share with each other their experience and hope in transition, and be witnessed by the SOL community.

Seeking Out Light set out to change societal attitudes toward grief and loss, by offering people experiencing it a forum in which they could express their feelings and witness, without judgment, others who were going through a transition, so that our communities became more understanding and accepting of the process we call WITNESSING AND BEING WITNESSED.

Loss & Transition... we know them intimately...

Their grotesque face is the twin of pain. “Loss” refers to every painful transition humankind experiences, not just grieving after loss to death. Each loss is a transition, and these transitions encompass a very long list of human experiences—death of a loved one, loss of a job, the experience of the “empty nester” when our children leave home, betrayals of friendship, death of a pet, divorce, and the pain of unkind acts towards each other within our communities. They include the transitions that may occur in all kinds of relationships, the emptiness of faith, loss of innocence, neglect, shame, anger and hatred. Even birth is a loss, a transition out of the womb (for both mother and child). We’re all familiar with the emotional pain caused by loss, and the grief associated with it. SOL was about the transitions that engender these feelings.

We struggle with the feelings of helplessness, the emptiness within the soul, the suffocation of spirit that comes bundled with these transitions. We may find that the familiar smell of a loved one, the unexpected sound of song from happier times, an a propos quote, or a piece of art may bring on a rush of painful memories and reminders, and we re-live our grief.

The publication was a gathering place where souls shared with one another, to help others heal from communal loss. The community helped me learn and find my way through my own grief and come back to light. The publication  extended that community, so that many who suffer, have suffered or have recovered from loss and transition may help each other. Seeking Out Light – SOL – invited YOU! Gentle Reader, and other vital seekers to be links of the community that create the ever-expanding community of SOL. We all support each other, and in supporting, expand our links into a community of common grounds where we will find what we seek—hidden beauty and light. We find serenity, acceptance, and glow in our peace.

These pages are your forum in which to tell your story, your perceptions, and your truths about your transitions. Open your hearts. Keep it positive, as the intention of this publication is as a tool of finding the light, of recovering. Share how you are making/made it through, what helped you keep moving forward. How did you overcome depression, isolation, or pain? What specifically helped you? Original poetry and short stories, quotes and art are encouraged. By sending them, you acknowledge and authorize that SOL may use them and distribute them.

The intent of the magazine was to ease, through sharing, the pain you feel. To help you feel “not so alone.” To learn, through the examples and courage of others, what was helpful to them. It’s not a magic pill to make it all go away. Loss itself is terrifying and is a private journey, but once the journey is lived and embraced, the experience of sharing with others lessens the grief.


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