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Energy, Light & Healing

There are many types of energetic healing practices and all of them facilitate a higher vibration of the human aura and a healthier, more balanced state of being. They all can activate and balance universal life force energy that is present in all living things. Energy can be used for balancing the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body-- effectively reducing stress, resolving life issues, speeding surgical recovery, enhancing university medicine and general well-being. Light is a form of energy.


Reiki is a holistic form of energy work, used in hospitals, along with Healing Touch, Touch for Health, Energy Medicine, etc. It is a natural healing system which uses gentle, non-invasive touch in the areas of the body which govern all organs, glands, cells, muscles, nerves and blood circulation. "Reiki" is Japanese and means the life energy of the deepest part of one's self or soul. Reiki is always available and SAFE to use for any condition. When receiving Reiki, the energy goes where it is needed, to the "root" cause of distress or injury. It brings nourishing changes and awareness in whatever way each person needs it and accepts it at the deepest part of themselves. It is not necessary to be part of a particular belief system to accept a Reiki session. History: Reiki was rediscovered in the mid 1800's by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Christian Theologian in the Buddhist Sutras. He had been asked by his students if he could heal as Christ did and realizing that he couldn't, resigned his position and began his search for the "keys" to healing. Finally, after three weeks of meditation and fasting on a mountain, he had an experience. Archetypal symbols came to him to teach him. These are the power-filled symbols used by Reiki practitioners today. The lineage of traditional Reiki extends from the Reiki Grand Master Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata, a Japanese-American.

Reiki unlocks the inner flow of vital energy within
the sender and the receiver.

Infrared Light

Infrared light is used in treating muscle pain, diabetic neuropathy, skin ulcers and wounds, in enhancing blood circulation and in promoting deep healing.

Infrared Mineral Lamp

A TDP Mineral Lamp is a type of Far Infrared lamp, used for pain relief. TDP lamps are similar to infrared lamps, but they are not the same. A TDP mineral lamp creates mineral infrared waves that treat numerous ailments such as back pain, shoulder pain, joint pain and arthritis. A TDP lamp has a curing plate that is coated with a special mineral formation essential to the human body. When the curing plate is heated to a certain temperature, it emits unique bio-spectrum electromagnetic waves in approx. 1-25 microns which allows for better energy absorption into the body, thus it promotes micro-circulation and metabolism, strengthens the immune system, and achieves short-and long-term pain relief. TDP Lamps are widely used by acupuncturists, therapists, and individuals for pain relief.

Cold Light Laser

Laser light is used to stimulate acupuncture points, desensitize yourself to food allergies, and modulate the sympathetic nervous system. Cold light lasers are cellular healing lasers that operate in the visible and near infrared light region at wavelengths from about 600 to 900 nanometers (nm). The laser penetrates deeply into the cells to stimulate and accelerate healing without generating heat, so there is low risk of damage. Infrared wavelengths penetrate much deeper into the body than visible light.

The most advanced lasers incorporate the Raman Effect, for which C. V. Raman received the Nobel prize in Physics in 1930. The Raman Effect is recognized today for its vast contribution to the advancement of the Laser Science Industry and all science worldwide. The Raman Effect is the projection of vibrational frequencies or trace elements along the path of the laser beam. These Bio Frequencies are complex frequency patterns or arrays that are equivalent to homeopathic remedies.


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