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How Do Resonance Harmonics Affect The Body?

A vibration is made up of energy pulsations of positive and negative polarity. We call that frequency. It is the way we classify different expressions of energy. Atoms act like little radio transmitters broadcasting waves. Humans, as well as all kinds of supposedly inert matter, constantly emit rays. Everything sends out waves of different lengths. The wave lengths of the body are as individual as fingerprints. Under the laws of vibration each individual has distinctive rates of vibration or resonance harmonics.

Resonance occurs when two systems vibrate in unison. A con-tinual and maximum energy exchange between these two systems is then established. The fact that a vibra-ting tuning fork will set into sympathetic vibration or resonance another tuning fork of the same frequency illustrates this principle.

A harmonic is a mirror image of a fundamental vibration or frequency. Together with a fundamental frequency, there is an infinite series of harmonics, all vibrating at different amplitudes, but all reflections of the original frequency. If you strike a note on a piano you get a simple vibration. Another note with the necessary harmonic together will form a chord.

The healthy body is a flowing interactive electro-dynamic energy field. Every cell also resonates a unique characteristic frequency. Frequencies that are rich in harmonics supply the body with a full band of frequencies that can support and strengthen the bio-system. They can rapidly restore the normal energy state and ideal frequency to every cell in the body.

Universal frequencies aligned with the Divine Pattern are most ideal. Research has shown that they carry the most abundant simultaneous harmonic frequencies. In this way each cell is able to match its own resonate frequency amidst a vast array of harmonic frequencies.





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