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Sound & Sound Healing

This page is under construction -- however, I wanted to share a few notes (no pun intended) with you. Most made while attending a sound healing workshop...

Voice Healing: It is your intention - not the quality of your voice. Use your voice to create positive change. Anyone who has a voice can heal through sound.

Sound: Listen to the background -- not the sound in foreground. Allow yourself to be with the space. Practice to be aware of spaciousness & feel space

Solar Sounds:  Are agitating

Lunar Sounds: Calming

All mind-body healing creates changes in perceived time and space. You create & sustain your perception of time and space through an unconscious act of will

The Body:  Kidneys - house the fear emotion.

Manfred Clynes - A brilliant neuroscientist, inventor, and musician, made many important discoveries. While researching emotions and their effect on the brain, he discovered that when human emotions are expressed, they have actual shapes. He measured these shapes with a machine. Each emotion had a recognizable and reproducible shape.

He also discovered that touch expression and musical expression have the same origin in brain function, that emotions are hard-wired in physiological reality (like the genetic code), and that wound-up energy (sentic wave form) heals.

       Pressure waves can heal...

"The Lost Chord" by Jonathan Goldman. A book recommended by Tom Kenyon...
The gateway has been opened......... Talented blues guitarist, Christopher shade, finds himself unwittingly entangled in adventure and intrigue. Shade discovers the Lost Chord, a computer-generated sound that carries within it the power to create inter-dimensional gateways, and thus the means to almost unlimited power over the destiny of humankind. The Chord is stolen by a self-proclaimed messiah, a madman who intends to use the Lost Chord to control human beings and fuel his plans for world domination. In order to stop him, shade must undergo a daunting initiation into the mysteries of spirit and sound, and discover the only force that can save his fellow human beings.


Always ask yourself - Who is the healer?   Who is being healed?

The healers agenda is a pediment to healing the patient/client.

Safety is the most important thing to establish

Continue to ask yourself, Why do I want to be a healer?


Smith,Timothy K., Staff Reporter, "Manfred Clynes Sees A Pattern in Love -- He's Got the Printouts," "His Machine Shows Emotions Have Measurable Shapes That Can Be Reproduced," The Wall Street Journal, 9/24/1991, Front Page


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