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Welcome! There is great power in knowing how to work with energy. Utilizing leading-edge scientific and metaphysical concepts & techniques to assist your body’s self-repairing mechanisms, I offer services, programs and tools to help you help yourself. Enter higher realms of consciousness and discover your truth. Learn to expand your perception, consciously create and shape YOUR reality.

Discover Your "Light Body"

Get a road map to the current health of your body, mind & soul.

Photography & Video Services

Auric Field Photography

A man sits on top of an 8,500 year old ancient stone structure ruins in Vermont, surrounded by a multi-colored plasma field of subtle energy.

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Maximize Your Potential in Life
Want better health and relationships? Signals delivering frequency information directly to the body can correct imbalances, harmonize stress, and stimulate energy flow in acupuncture points, meridians, chakras, & organs...

New Book!
Unseen Worlds of Subtle Energy:
Exploring and Verifying
Energy Using Auric Field Photography

by Lorna Reichel with intuitive interpretations by my good friend & colleague Karl K. Kolsbun.

Healing & Wisdom Teachings
Explore techniques & technologies for self-healing, better health, and manifesting. Learn about thought forms & limiting beliefs; spirituality, cosmic forces, balancing energy & creating an environment in which the immune system can operate optimally.

I invite you to learn with me! Space is limited. Meets once a week. Call (518) 383-9066 for details.

Taking Conscious Awareness & Creation to New Heights!
Learn A Fascinating Body of Information
Explore the invisible
realms, subtle energy bodies, and more!

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Special Holistic Health Series - FREE!!
Increase your Personal Power & Be Healthy!

The Lilac Kabala health collective will be presenting a series of FREE programs that explore consciousness, positive thinking & intention, cutting edge new sciences, personal transformation & self healing, and physical issues and their underlying emotional, mental, & spiritual components.

      Learn from great videos, DVDs, and richly engaging dialogue with health educator, Loren Lillis and the Lilac Kabala health coaches.

      Discover surprising possibilities that can change your life!
      Advance your awareness, increase your knowledge of techniques, technologies and pathways for self-healing, and change your perceptions to realize better health. 

      • Learn how consciousness— energy that is nonlocal, non-linear, causal and intelligent can be tapped to create health & well being.

      Connect with holistic health coaches, practitioners, new friends and fellow explorers on the journey to better health, through Lilac Kabala community supported health events.

Calandar: Lilac Kabala Holistic Health Series  I  Speakers Corner      

For more information call: (518) 383-9066 or lorna@AtlantisVibes.com -
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Mark Your Calendars!" All Welcome!

5th Northeast IONS Gathering
October 3-5, 2014

Awakening into our Higher Consciousness
New Lebanon, NY

Connect with like minded souls and experience an enriching weekend of spiritual teachings, inspiration, meditation, sound, dance and expand your consciousness. This year's setting: The Abode, a Sufi spiritual, intentional living community and campus that includes an organic farm (We'll be eating delicious, organic, mostly vegetarian meals!); gardens, hiking trails, restored historic Shaker buildings (share nutritious meals in a Shaker dining hall, sleep in a cozy Shaker bedroom, and visit the Shaker Museum up the road).

Gather with old friends ... make new one's! We Invite You To Join Us!

The Stereo Workshop


We are at a crossing where science, conventional medicine, metaphysics, consciousness and the art of spiritual healing meet.


Take responsibility for your health and



You have more control over your life than you realize!

You are a powerful being

of light!


Learn More about Health, Healing and Vibration

Everything is  Energy.

Matter is a dense form of energy,

within a specific range of  frequencies


How Energy Affects Your Health

Enhance your life by understanding and working with your own energies.


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